Stop Smoking Fast

Why You Should Stop Smoking

You probably already know all the reasons why you should stop smoking.  Among the top reasons are:

  • Cigarettes are bad for your health
  • Your body will recover after you quit
  • You'll save lots of money when you stop buying cigarettes
  • You'll have more energy
  • And many more

Yet, if you're like many people who try to quit the habit, the harder you try, the harder it is to actually quit.

You may have tried willpower, patches, gum, pills, or whatever.  But none of them worked.


Why You've Not Been Able to Stop Smoking

It may surprise you that the urge to smoke is more mental than physical.

That's right!  After three days of not smoking, the nicotine is completely out of your system.

Yet, you still have cravings to smoke.

That's because the problem is rooted deeply in your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is that part of you that controls what you do when you're not thinking about it. Like walking. When you were learning how to do it, you had to think about it. But now it's an unconscious habit.

You didn't start smoking because your body had a physical need for nicotine.  It wasn't a physical need.

Likewise, you won't quit simply by physically removing nicotine from your system.

You will quit the same way that you started -- by changing your mind.

The problem now is that your unconscious mind has been in the habit for so long that it's like the soil underneath a paved road.  You can't get to it without breaking up the pavement.

Your conscious mind is like the pavement that's blocking you from getting down to the soil.  You can tell your conscious mind all you want that you need to stop smoking.  You can use all the will power, patches, pills, gum or whatever, to remove the nicotine from our body. But until you can communicate with your unconscious mind -- where the "programming' of your habit resides -- it won't matter.

Because you smoke as unconscious habit, you need reprogramming of your unconscious mind to stop smoking permanently

That's where hypnosis will help.


You Can Stop Smoking for Good Very Quickly!

The good news is that you can give up the smoking habit and become normal again.

Scientific studies have proven that hypnosis is the safest and most effective way to stop smoking long term: better than patches; better than gum; better than pills; better than herbs; better than willpower; better than every other method!

The New Scientist Magazine reported that, "Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of the ways of giving up smoking" (October 31, 1992).

Most importantly, we specialize in Stop Smoking Hypnosis.  Our unique system really works!


How It Works

Our Stop Smoking Hypnosis protocol is a 2-hour session, with the time allocated as follows: 


Phase 1: Informational (~1 hour)


Identify reasons started smoking

Identify motivations to stop smoking

Get agreement that Client is committed 100% to stop smoking


Present harms of smoking, including second hand smoke, to self and others

Present benefits of stopping smoking, including how quickly the body heals

Present scientific research confirming the Hypnosis is the most effective method of getting people to stop smoking long term


Phase 2: Induction (~ 1 hour)


Explanation of Hypnosis (e.g., It's a natural, safe state of mind)

Warm-Ups (Light Trance Hypnosis Inductions / Demonstrations)

Deep Trance Induction (for Stop Smoking Change Work)

Bring out of Hypnosis

Test and Future Pace Change


Homework (to reinforce and maintain change to Non-Smoker)

Gustatory replacement to tobacco

Essential oils recommendations to quickly speed detox

Monetary recommendation of how to benefit from money saved from no longer buying cigarettes. 

It's that simple!

Remote or In-Person Sessions

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sessions are successfully held either remotely online using a video conferencing software Skype or Zoom, or in person in the Memphis, TN area, depending on your location and preference.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis Package Includes:

  • Information about Why You Should Quit Smoking
  • 2-Hour Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session
  • Essential Oils to Help Prevent Cravings and Speed Detox
  • Recommendations for Minerals and Vitamins to Quickly Detox and Heal Your Body
  • Three Weeks of Follow-Up Coaching If/As Needed (by phone and/or text)
  • Lifetime 100% Guarantee: We guarantee that you will become a non-smoker after this single hypnosis session. If at any time after the session you return to smoking, we will meet with you again free of charge for followup hypnosis sessions and/or you may attend any of our periodic group stop smoking hypnosis sessions.

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