Free Coaching Offer

What is the one category of your life that, if you could get what you want in that area, it would make the most positive difference in your life overall?

Is it . . .

  • More money? Or a better job / career?
  • Better health / weight / more energy?
  • Better relationships (with spouse / significant other, family, friends, co-workers)?
  • Personal development / growth/ education?
  • Fun / excrement / entertainment?


Next . . .


  • What would it be worth to you to get it?


What about . . .


  • Would it be worth only 30-minutes of your time?


That's what I'm offering you today: A FREE 30-minute  coaching consultation, by your choice of either phone, Skype, or in a public restaurant meeting, during which I will help you very rapidly:


  • Determine your One Big Goal that will make the most difference
  • Discover any unconscious blocks to achieving Your One Big Goal
  • Set Your One Big Goal in a way that you will definitely achieve it


Often my clients struggle with unconscious blocks that prevent them from getting what they want


These typically include barriers like:


  • Limiting beliefs or decisions
  • Negative emotions from earlier events (e.g., anger, sadness, etc.)
  • Anxieties about future events (e.g., public speaking, fear of failure / success)
  • Lack of clarity about desired goals / outcomes


As a Board Certified Master Coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor, I regularly help people very rapidly uncover and eliminate the blocks to their success, clarify their goals / outcomes, get motivated and begin to immediately experience progress, and start achieving what they want most in life.


Want proof? Just watch these few short videos below, and then read this page below the videos.


Whether you are paralyzed by anxious feelings . . . 



Or sales call reluctance . . .



Or need a clear business plan . . . 



Want a better relationship . . . 



Need a life plan . . .



Or need to improve your learning and memory abilities . . . 



Or whatever else you may need to live the life you want . . . 


I can help!


I’d love to invite you to a Complimentary Consultation! This is a FREE 30-minute session in which I help you help you reach your next level of success and begin to live the life you want.


I am only offering this FREE COACHING SESSION to you and a few other people only for the month of August.


To take advantage of this rare and valuable offer, just click under the calendar icon on this page to book your no obligation complimentary session now.


I look forward to supporting you in achieving your goals and living the life you want.




Steve Ethridge, Ph.D.

Certified NLP Trainer and Master Coach

Complimentary Session

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