NLP Coach Certification by Distant Education (2024)

Your Destiny is Calling:

Will You Answer the Call?

If you are an NLP Practitioner and would like to earn even more money as a professionally qualified Coach, this is for you.

If you want to go from selling one or two sessions at a time, or from short-term agreements to long-term agreements with steady income streams — over months or even years — then you will want read every word on this web page. 

If you have struggled to explain to your prospects how an “NLP Practitioner” differs from a “Coach,” then what follows below solves your problem.

If you want to learn to coach organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies — where the BIG PROFITS are — then make sure you read all of what follows below.

Why Become a Certified NLP Coach 

NLP Coaches are the top paid coaches in the industry and we tell you how to get your coaching business started.

You can become Internationally recognized when you get your NLP Coach Certification here and learn how to create a coaching relationship with your clients. 

You will want to become a Certified NLP Coach if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions.

Would you like to:

  • Massively increase your income — by riding the wave of the second fastest growing industry in the world?

(Coaching is a $1 Billion+ industry in the U.S.; over $2.34 Billion worldwide; and is growing at 6.,7% a year)?

  • Help others become the most prosperous, happy, healthy, and successful they can be (however they define success)?
  • Gain the skills and accredited professional certification to engage individual's, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 clients in long-term coaching processes?
  • Build on your NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner Certification and become one of the most highly qualified coaches?
  • Lead others in their own growth and development as the professionals and leaders of tomorrow?
  • Lead others to enhance their productivity, improve their satisfaction in life work, and career, and achieve long term success?
  • Lead the highest level corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies, as well as business owners in companies of all sizes, to greater levels of success for themselves, their companies, and their employees?
  • Lead yourself and others to become Top Performing Individuals, who will then get paid more for doing it, become more successful, and get rewarded for doing it?
  • Bring out the best in others, in every situation, to sharpen and perfect their already-acquired skills as individuals, as well as in teams, and across entire organizations?

You may be asking yourself whether you are interested in these. If you are not, then don’t keep reading now. But if they do interest you, you will want to read every word.

If you were to research coaching certification standards of other top professional certifying organizations in the world, what you would find is that they include.

  • A lot of nice-sounding -- ambiguous -- platitudes and content . . .
  • But with no powerful "how to” techniques for creating transformational change (in yourself or clients).

The NLP Coaching Certification has the highest coaching requirements and standards in the world — far exceeding all other options.

That’s because — remember — NLP is the study and replication of excellence.

This means, as it relates to coaching, the field of NLP has studied and modeled all other major, well respected Coaching Certifications programs around the world.

And we’ve found that the body of knowledge and skills in NLP already far exceed all other programs in two respects.

  • First, other coaching certification programs are full of concepts and content but no real, rapid and powerful change techniques like NLP, Time Line Therapy™ techniques or Hypnotherapy
  • Second, NLP Coaching Certification requires substantially more hours of training and coaching practice than any other certification in the world

That's why you need to become an NLP Coach.

As an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner, you already have THE most powerful skills for fast, transformation change — for individuals.. Your NLP skills are far more powerful than those of the great majority of "coaches" around the globe.

However, your NLP skills are for therapeutically working with individuals in short-term client engagements for rapid change.

Coaching is different.

Coaching makes different assumptions about the client, uses different methods and, when combined with NLP Practitioner skills, is unbeatable.

NLP Coaching is the most powerful transformations tool available for personal and organizational change.


What you don’t have — yet —

unless and until you become an NLP Coach,

is the professional, accredited qualification

to coach both individuals and organizations

in long-term coaching processes. 


That's because NLP Coaching is about creating long-term personal or business development with individuals and organizations.

There is more for you to learn about how to apply your powerful NLP skills in the context of long-term, process, coaching relationships with both individuals and organizations.

Ultimately, every individual and company’s success depends on the performance of its people. There is no substitute for human performance.

The more highly performing a person is, the more they get paid, the more they are successful and rewarded.

Therefore, Coaching is an imperative for the success of both individuals and organizations.

"The Future of Coaching is NLP."


(Dr. Tad James).


What is NLP Coaching 

With your NLP Coach Certification, you will have the professional qualifications to do:

  • Business and Personal Coaching
  • All Modes of Business including Sales and Communication
  • Learning and Educational Coaching
  • Create Change and Growth on a Personal Level
  • Therapy and Relationship Coaching

What you will learn:

In your NLP-Coaching Training, you will learn:

  • Why Coaching — what to say to prospective coaching clients to begin a paying coaching relationship with them
  • What Coaching is For — learn the full range of client needs and applications in which you can help others and make money
  • The Three Major Outcomes for Coaching — that you need to be aware of to be a successful coach
  • How NLP Coaching works with the Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind for Integration — to lead your clients to help your clients harness their greatest potential
  • The Success Factors on which Successful NLP Coaching Depends — that is, how to be a most successful coach
  • What NLP Coaching Is — and how it different from
    • Traditional Therapy
    • Traditional Consulting
    • Traditional Forms of Training
    • Career Counseling
    • Educators
    • Mentors
    • Self-Help
    • Traditional Psychotherapy
  • Example Written Coaching Session Agreement — you will receive an example Coaching Session Agreement that you will want to use as a template for crafting your own custom agreement
  • Essentials of a Coaching Session Agreement — that you absolutely must include in your written Coaching Session Agreement in order to set client expectations, keep yourself out of trouble and lay a solid foundation for your clients to achieve success from you as their Coach.
  • Business Process Frames for Coaching — that you will need to use with your clients to get them to make changes and achieve their desired results
  • Type of Feedback — one of the two types of feedback that NLP Coaches use to stimulate your clients to further learning and progress (the second type is taught t the Master Practitioner of NLP Coach level)
  • The NLP Coaching Cycle — how to set up Your Signature Coaching Program for maximum success.

How to Become an NLP Coach!

A prerequisite to become a Certified NLP Coach is that you be certified as an NLP Practitioner by an approved NLP Training Institute.

You must either complete your NLP Practitioner with us in tandem with this course or send us a copy of your NLP Practitioner Certification as part of your application for this course

Fortunately, if you are already certified, your NLP Practitioner Certification will get credited toward your NLP Coaching Certification.

Therefore, this is your fastest opportunity to become trained, skilled, and certified with the highest level of Coaching skills and standards in the world, backed by the highest Coaching Certification Skills on the planet: The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming — Coaching Division.

In addition to this content, you will be required to read two books written by some of the top, most successful coaches.

These books will not only teach you more about how to be an excellent coach, they — along with your Certifying Trainer — will teach you how to market, establish, and scale your business.

Much of what is out there in the market about how to grow a business is little more than hype offered by sales people targeting coaches to grow their own business. Countless coaches have gone broke trying to follow such systems that simply do not work.

Real coaching, whether you choose to do it one-on-one, in small groups, live, or online, is entirely different than 99% of what is being sold out there.

Just ask any Olympic athlete. Ask any champion professional athlete. Ask any CEO of a Fortune 500 company.


Coaching — by definition — is a professional relationship!


And there is more to that definition that you will learn in this training.

This course, and these books, will teach you the proven way to build a successful coaching practice.


When Will This Training Be Held

This course will be completed through a combination of self-study and online training sessions with your NLP Coach Trainer. This is a self-paced course that you can complete on your own schedule and you have up to a year to complete it.

Not only will you be able to do most of the course through home study at your own pace, but you will also receive personalized online training sessions from your Certified NLP Coach Trainer, Steve Ethridge.

The online training sessions will be scheduled at times To Be Determined (TBD) that are mutually convenient for both you and Trainer. These training sessions will be one-on-one or small group meetings held over Zoom in a very intimate conversational way. 

The schedule for this training will be as follows:

1.  Student signs up by clicking the "Invest In Yourself Now!" link further down the page.

2. Student receives real-world coaching opportunity assignments by email within 48 hours to begin fulfilling in-between online classes, to be completed and discussed in class as part of your coaching experience. 

3.  Student receives an email listing take-home assignments and the name of the first book, orders the Kindle version of the book (less than $20), reads the book, and completes the assignments before the first day of online training.

4.  Student attends and participates in first day of online training (TBD)

5.  Student receives email of new take-home assignments and second book, orders the Audible version (less than $20), listens to the book, and completes the assignments before the second online class.

5. Student attends and participates in second day of online training (TBD).

6. Student successfully competes take-home test and opportunity assignments, sends them to the Trainer through an online coaching portal, and receives satisfactory grade back from the Trainer.

7.  Student graduates and becomes a Certified NLP Coach.

Your certificate as a Certified NLP Coach will be sent to you by email within one week after you complete the course.

Your Investment in Yourself

The Standard cost of this coaching course is $5,000. However, for a limited time your investment in this particular 2023 training will be half price, only $2,500. You can sign up by paying a $500 deposit and four easy payments of $500 each over the next four months.

Sign up by clicking below and following the instructions.  Hurry, while this offer lasts. Click the link below to sign up and invest in yourself now!


  Invest In Yourself Now!


Note: We offer life-long support for all of our certification graduates. If you have any questions about how to serve any of your coaching clients or how to be successful as an NLP Coach, you can contact us for support.