If you can get this one thing right you can explode your business. It’s the one emotional marketing trick that you want to exploit and get right - getting your audience to trust you. Trust is the one emotion that makes your audience want to give you money. Money is very personal and your audience must trust you to give you some of it. Here's how to earn that trust.

* Publish Relevant Content Regularly – Showing that you’re dependable will go far in helping to develop trust with your audience. If you publish blog posts, email newsletters, or other material regularly, it will prove that you’re in this for the long haul. And this helps push you to “authority” level and will cause people to trust you more.

* Tell Both Sides of the Story – When you are giving examples for anything, whether product or service, telling the pros and cons is always a good way to get people to trust you. If you are able to be truthful about the drawbacks of your own services or products or those that you recommend, your audience will trust you as the real deal.

* Always Disclose Your Biases – If you are doing a review on a book, product, service or anything else, it’s always important to tell the viewers the truth about any biases you may have. If you were given the item free to review, say so. If you were paid for your review, state it. Not only will this help people trust you better, it’s also the law.

* Avoid Over-Pitching Products – When you always revert to sales language in all your content, people get tired of it. They expect a sales tone when looking at a sales page, but not when reading a blog. Be very careful not to confuse the two. Yes, you want a call to action, but you also want to avoid turning away viable audience members.

* Under Promise and Over Deliver – The danger of sales pages is the possibility of overstating what the product or service offers or the problems it solves. Instead, ensure that you can deliver even more than they expected once they purchase. Why? Because you want them to buy from you again and you want them to tell others about you. Word of mouth is the ultimate way to get the trust of others.

* Show Your Face – People trust those whom they can see. Online that can be more difficult, but if you post a picture of yourself and keep it updated, it will help them to trust you more. They’ll see you as a real person instead of as a heartless business entity.

* Engage in Real Time – Beware of too much automation when it comes to social media. You want to engage with others in real time. This will further the trust that your audience is developing with you. They will feel important when you answer questions personally, and find ways to engage in real time.

* Make Videos – The next best thing to real life is a video. Videos help show what you know as if you’re with the person live. You can actually do an event live on Google Hangouts, then post the video later. This gives you the best of both worlds. Live engagement with the Google Hangout and recorded videos for others who missed it the first time around.

Developing trust is a process; it’s a long-term marketing strategy that will pay off again and again. When you get just one person to trust you, they will tell ten others, and those ten others will each tell ten more people. The trust will spread far and wide until the very mention of your business name will mean trust. Ok, maybe it won’t go that far, but you never know.


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